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Glam Lashes

Glam Lashes

Classic Lashes

Classic Lashes

Volume Lashes

Volume Lashes


Loyalty Lash Extensions Pricing

  • Classic Set: $80
  • Classic Fill:$40
  • Glam Set:$95
  • Glam Fill:$50
  • Volume Set:$115
  • Volume Fill:$65
  • Foreign Fill(Fill for lashes not here):$65
  • Add-on: $25 (ex:cleaning/removal)

Before and After

What is microblading?

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattoo that is semi-permanent and lasts up to 2 years. The pigment is implanted into the skin, beneath the epidermis layer, by means of disposable needle which gives the appearance of hair strokes.

What is the difference between Ombre’ (Powder) and Combination?

Ombre’ Brow is a fade from dark to light, typically darker at the tail and lighter towards the front, with a powdery look-similar to filling in your brows with brow powder. Combination is the same as ombre’ except hair strokes are added to the front of the brow, creating a more 3D effect.

What is the difference between Blade & Shade and Combination?

Blade & Shade is microblading with added shading. The shading adds more definition and structure to the brow and is great for people that don’t have enough natural brow hair to blend with strokes. Combination is a ombre’ with strokes at the very front.

Does microblading hurt?

A topical anesthetic cream and gel are used during the procedure. Pain levels vary from person to person and every effort is made to ensure you remain comfortable during the process.

How long does microblading last?

Microblading is considered to be semi-permanent and will fade over time. Your tattoo may need to be refreshed every 6-8 months in order to keep lines crisp, otherwise they could fade after 1-2 years. Frequency of sessions varies per individual by a number of factors including but not limited to lifestyle (sun exposure), color of pigment ( lighter colors fade faster) , medications , skin type and any form of exfoliations that come into contact with the treated area.

*Please not that the final results cannot be guaranteed as each unique skin type will retain pigments differently and break down at different rates. You make book a touch up session up to 8 weeks after the initial procedure to fill in any areas that have faded or didn’t take after the healing process.



Sugaring Services

  • Brazilian: $65
  • Bikini Line:$30
  • Half Leg:$35
  • Full Leg:$60
  • Arms:$60
  • Arm Pits:$15
  • Chin:$8
  • Lip:$6
  • Side Burns:$6
  • Full Face:$30
  • Eyebrows:$15
  • Chest:$55
  • Back:$60

Waxing Services

  • Brazilian: $55
  • Bikini Line:$25
  • Half Leg:$35
  • Full Leg:$50
  • Arms:$20
  • Underarms:$15
  • Chin:$5
  • Lip:$5
  • Side Burns:$3
  • Eyebrows:$10
  • Men's Brow:$10
  • Chest:$55
  • Back:$55
  • Toes or Fingers:$6
  • Nose:$6
  • Ears:$3
  • Neckline:$10
  • Beard Line:$10


  • Please bring correct cash only for remaining payment. No exceptions
  • Please arrive on time After 15 mins = $15 late fee After 20 = Cancelled Appt.
  • No extra guest allowed ex: kids, bf, gf, mom, sister, etc...
  • Please come make-up free If removal is needed it will be a $10 fee!

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